Worship Destruction

by Nekrofilth

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Recorded in 2008, just a few months after the band initially formed. Originally released as a demo tape in 2008, was remixed and remastered for vinyl in 2011.


released March 31, 2011

Zack: Ripping and Cursing
Timmy: Death Rumbles
Ryan: Vicious Beatings

Recorded in June 2008 By Zack
Remixed / Mastered in October 2010 by Noah

All music by Zack except “Get Fucked” by Timmy
All lyrics by Zack
Backing vocals on “Fuck You” by Ryan


all rights reserved



Nekrofilth Denver, Colorado

Zack Ripper - Chainsaws and Gingivitis

Disgustin' Justin - Subsonic Distorted Torment

Shaggy - Vicious Beatings

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Track Name: Give Up On Life
Filling my blood with poison
I’m trying to fuckin die
Covered in blood and vomit
I give up on fuckin life

I wake up, soaking with urine
Holding my dick in my hand
I can’t remember what happened
I’m too drunk to fuckin stand

Blackness, invading my mind
Obsession, making me blind
Wretched, enveloping stench
Covered in filth, I fuckin decay!
Track Name: Worship Destruction
The Horror...
that reality is only an illusion
becomes truer when
the powder
seeps deeper
your brain.

Blackness spiraling into dementia.
Worship Destruction, kill all you see!

There is no heaven.
There is no god.
There is no future, get fucked up on blood.

There's no point to life,
so make it fuckin' BLEED!

Get high on DEATH!
Track Name: Get Fucked
I fear not the hands of death
If I breathe another breath
I don’t care about fuckin life
Let’s get fucked as hell tonight

Who gives a fuck if we decay
Let’s get fuckin smashed
Not live to see another day!

Let’s all drink till we fuckin puke!
I hope the devil sends me a nuke
Let’s get fucked, cheap liquor’s best
I’ll put your life to the test

Who gives a shit if we decay
Get fuckin hammered
Not live to see another day!
Track Name: Jerusalem Decay
Have you ever travelled to the valley of god?
The skies are soaked with acid rain.
Haven you ever seen the valley of christ?
Its rancid earth is fuckin stained!

Rot in the valley of elah
Bleed in the valley of elah

You can try to get to heaven’s gates,
if you long for their rancid smell.
You can try to get to heaven’s gates,
but the rest of us wait for you in hell.

Rot in the valley of elah
Bleed in the valley of elah
Sin in the valley of elah
Raped by the valley of blood
Track Name: Death Scum
Dripping, molding fluid.
Shit-infested decay.
Decrepit, loathsome dwelling.
Repugnant scum of death.

You live in piss and shit, you don’t even care.
Rats are crawling on the walls, there’s maggots in your hair.
Roaches living in your food, it makes me fuckin sick!
You fucked up to realize that you live in Shit-Infested Decay.
Dripping, Molding Fluid.
Decrepit, loathsome dwelling.
Death Scum lives in the walls...
Track Name: Throne of Sluts
As I look upon the hill
I can see the throne of sluts
There are sights that give me chills
In the land of fuckin sluts

In the land of fuckin sluts
As I sit upon my throne
They will kneel before the flock
They can taste my wicked bone!
Track Name: Anguish
Blind submission.
You seek out weakness, you fear the eyes of death.
Visions of bloody fluid flowing from your neck.

lost, in worlds of black
your mind is gone
it’s never coming back
insanity takes over
you anguish in fear

your mind is fuckin twisted
you have no sense of truth
you’re seeing fuckin red
introverted youth

hatred envelops inside of your mind
your anguish controls you
it makes you fuckin wild
Track Name: Full of Shit
I hate you
I hate your fuckin face
I loathe you
You’re a fuckin disgrace
I hate you
I hope you fuckin die

You’re full of shit.
Track Name: I Feel Nothing
I’ve seen the dead
Just lying there
I’ve seen his face
There’s nothing there

I want to puke
But I just sigh
Too weird to live
Too rare to die

I feel nothing, I’m not alive
I feel no pain, my heart is dry

My mind is blank
There’s not a breath
All I can see
Is my own death

When I cross the Styx
I hope I’m high
I don’t give a fuck
How I die

I will never be the same
My heart is black, I feel no pain

And I don’t give a fuck
How I fuckin die
But when I cross the Styx
I hope I’m high!
Track Name: Fuck You
You don’t know what’s in my head
You wouldn’t care if I were dead

Fuck you!

I hate you, you’re full of shit
You can suck my fuckin dick

Fuck you!

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